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Hotel Villa de Laredo is working to actively promote our sustainability and environmental efforts to the public.

Separate collection.
Separate waste collection is implemented at the property.

We follow chemical dosage/usage guidelines for pool water maintenance and supervise all maintenance procedures.

Landscape integration.
We ensure that the property and maintenance processes do not negatively impact the environment and/or surrounding area.

Energy efficiency.
The hotel promotes and encourages sustainable energy practises and behaviour throughout the property.

Eco purchases.
Environmentally friendly guidelines are adhered throughout purchasing processes.We encourage purchases from local suppliers.

Noise Pollution.
We implement strict procedures to ensure noise levels do not negatively impact the local wildlife. 


Guest information:

  • Turn in old batteries at the reception desk.

  • Do not use the toilets as wastebaskets; this will help toward minimizing the use of water.

  • Please leave the tap open only as long as you need it, in order to decrease water use.

  • Take a shower instead of a bath. Turn off the tap to prevent dripping water

  • Please leave your used towels in the shower if you would like fresh ones. If you hang them on the towel rack, we will understand that you will use them again. This will reduce water consumption and energy.

  • Do not open doors and windows with air conditioning or heating on, to prevent loss of heat and cold. Turn off the lights when leaving rooms to use less electricity.

  • Maintain a moderate volume of audio-visual equipment to avoid inconvenience to other guests in adjoining rooms.

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